Burlap Bags

Wholesale, Retail and Custom Projects

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Retail Customers and Small Orders

We have a variety of options for obtaining small, large and custom burlap bag orders!


Retail customers

If you're in Seattle and are looking for just a few bags (under 150), we've partnered with several excellent Seattle area small business retailers to provide our burlap bags. All of them carry our basic garden/weedblock-grade bags.

For retail customers in the Seattle area who are looking for order larger than 150 bags, we have several options of getting you your large quantity of bags. This include free pallet delivery to area codes within Seattle proper!

P-patch, small farm, community groups and other 501(c)(3)/non-profits

If you're representing a local non-profit, community group or small independant farm, we provide special discounts and additional support for you bulk purchase of burlap bags.
Seattle Burlap is committed to the urban and independant farming community and our goal is to provide environmentally sound alternatives to plastic and chemical plant suppression. We also incentivize our employees by paying for their volunteer time while they work on your community project. So not only will you get discounts on your bulk burlap bag orders, but you'll get knowledgeable hardworking people dedicated to serving the community and educating on the uses of these reclaimed burlap bags.

Burlap bags for arts and crafts

We have a wide variety of very pretty burlap bags which can be sewn or used in other craft projects. Several of our customers have ordered our artistic burlap bags to use for clothing accessories and bags. We also partner with other manufacturers who want to reuse burlap bags for specialized packaging of their products. We can send you samples of these artistic bags if needed. Contact us and we can provide images of the art bags we have in stock. We look forward to hearing from you!


PLEASE NOTE: freight costs apply to pallet shipments of burlap.
We work with several freight shipping companies to ensure your product gets to you in a timely manner at a reasonable price. To maximize your dollars, we suggest you target orders of 300 bags or more. This will allow you to get the most value out of cost for shipping freight.