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Using a burlap bag as a barrel planter. Flowers grow out of holes poked in the sides. Build a self-contained garden using a a wire trellis inside a burlap bag. A hillside garden using burlap bags. Building a once unuseable hill into two usable growing beds. Preparing a new garden for a layer of "interbay" mulch. Covering the mulch mixture and tucking in the sides. Burlap, a food grade material, allows water and air in. Our burlap bags are sewable and can be turned into upcycled products and accessories.

Burlap Bags for Gardening, Farming, Landscaping and SO Much More!!

Did you know burlap bags are the ultimate 21st century material - biodegradable, food-grade, recycled/recyclable, etc.

Burlap bags are used in countless numbers of industries - farming, gardening, interior design, landscaping, construction, trucking, manufacturing, seafood cold storage, and the list goes on.

Our recycled burlap bags are a feel good-alternative to using plastics and other man-made materials and provide the same level of reliability and performance.

  • Burlap (aka "jute") fabric lets water, oxygen, and nutrients through to the soil, but thoroughly blocks weeds
  • It protects topsoil and tender plant roots from erosion and helps retain warmth in the winter and moisture in the summer
  • The rough surface looks natural and holds any type of mulch well - both above (for even better weedblocking) or below (for sheet mulching and soil-building)
  • It holds moisture and insulates
  • Unlike plastics, burlap is a natural material that breaks down over several years, leaving no trace
  • Food-grade fabric is great for vegetable gardens
  • A burlap bag represents a locally recycled, sustainable, natural product

Other uses for our burlap bags abound!

  • As a simple, low-cost "container garden" for growing mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and squashes (much lighter, more breathable, and less expensive than whiskey barrels!)
  • As "earth bags", to construct natural, durable green buildings using on-site soil
  • As storage, harvest, or transport bags for of anything needing strong protection with good air circulation
  • As a natural, strong, decorative fabric for wall coverings, curtains, and rug backing
  • As a moisture-conserving cover to protect wet concrete, allowing it to cure perfectly
  • Along with ti leaves, burlap is the essential material to make an imu pit for your Hawaiian Luau!

Here's a link to a great article on "Interbay Mulch", the simple, low-cost sheet-mulching technique first developed here in Seattle to create extraordinarily fertile garden soil.
We sell large quantities of burlap coffee bags, recycled and reclaimed from Seattle's iconic coffee roasters. We always have thousands of clean, sorted bags in stock, ready for freight shipment or local-pickup.